Jones County


The important thing in life is not victory but combat; it is not to have vanquished but to have fought well.”

NOVEMBER 9th, 2017


Glade Fire & Rescue

Opening ceremony starts at 10:00 A.M.

Come prove your skills against other Jones County firefighters in our first-ever Olympic challenge! Firefighters will be pitted against each other in a race for time, as each individual overcomes the challenges presented in a 'search & rescue' style competition. Points will be awarded based on knowledge and performance, and the firefighter with the lowest completion time will win the title of Olympic Champion!

ENTRY FEE: $10 per firefighter

All proceeds will go to the Jones County Red Line Recruitment organization

GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift card to ??

2ND PRIZE: $25 gift card to ??

3RD PRIZE: $25 gift card to ??



  • All participants must a Jones County Volunteer Firefighter or Emergency Medical Responder capable of performing the tasks required in this competition
  • All participants must be at least 18 years of age or older to compete
  • Each participant must provide their own fire turnouts (complete gear is required), airpack (full air) and mask
  • Each participant must register and pay in advance to compete
  • All participants are required to be at Glade Fire Station no later than 9:15 A.M. on the day of the competition
  • Friends and family are permitted to attend. However, they will be required to stay within the family-friends staging area during the competition
  • Firefighters will be given five minutes prior to the start of the competition to review the obstacle course
  • Firefighters who fail to complete the course for any reason (with the exception of a personal medical emergency or fire department-related emergency) will be disqualified
  • Firefighters who run out of air before the completion of the obstacle course will be disqualified
  • Firefighters who have completed the course will be asked to remain in the Firefighter Staging Area until all firefighters have finished
  • The winner(s) must be present to receive their awards. If you leave before the award ceremony, the runner-up will take your spot

The obstacle course will test your knowledge and skills in a simulated house fire search and rescue incident. Each firefighter will be timed on their performance and the best time (firefighter with lowest time) will win. The course will consist of various obstacles that the firefighter must overcome while suited in full turnouts with an airpack, all while performing proper search and rescue techniques and procedures. In addition to your overall time, firefighters will also be granted or docked points (seconds) based on their knowledge, skill and proper techniques performed. Several "moderators" will follow each firefighter throughout the course, keeping track of their performance and rate according to the Objectives Scale. 

Firefighters will also be granted or docked points based on their air consumption. This obstacle course is a test of knowledge, skill and procedure. As with a real fire incident, air consumption is critical.

**If for any reason you need to stop during the competition, stay still and raise your hand. A Moderator will assist you. However, please remember that your time is still running and failure to complete the course is a disqualification.**