Junior Fire Fighter Program

1. To educate the members in concepts and training involved in the fire service
and to prepare them for a future in the fire service.
2. To aid the Jones County Fire Department system in all possible ways.
3. To build character and a sense of community in our young adults.

1. A certified firefighter appointed by the Department's Fire Chief shall be responsible for the guidance, training and safety of the Junior Firefighters Organization.
2. Junior Firefighters shall report directly to the certified firefighter who has been appointed by the Department's Fire Chief and follow instructions given unless those instructions are overridden by a Chief Officer.

1. Junior Firefighters shall consist of young men and women age 16 and 17 with eligibility up to their 18th birthday at which time they will be eligible for consideration as a Probationary Firefighter. Proof of age must be presented at the time of application.
2. Each Junior Firefighter must have proof of physical fitness. This requires a personal physician or company doctor's signature on application.
3. Candidates must have written consent from one or both parents or legal guardian in order to participate in the Junior Firefighter Program.
4. Junior Firefighter candidate must be present at all meetings that concern their membership unless an excused absence is granted by the Junior Firefighter Advisor or Department's Fire Chief due to a conflict with work, school or family.
5. Junior Firefighter candidates must be enrolled in public, private, parochial or home school high school or in a GED program in order to be considered for membership. Each candidate shall maintain a "C" average in all classes.
6. Junior Firefighter candidates must be of sound mind and body.
7. Junior Firefighters shall not only abide by the Junior Firefighter Standard Operating Guidelines but also by the Jones County Volunteer Fire Department Bylaws and Guidelines and their individual department's bylaws and guidelines.
8. A Junior Firefighter reaching the age of eighteen (18) MAY BE eligible to join the fire department as a Probationary Firefighter upon the recommendation of the Department's Fire Chief and Junior Firefighter Advisor.

1. No Junior Firefighter while at a meeting, activity of fire department function shall be under the influence or in the possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco products or any other controlled substance.
2. Junior Firefighters shall first report any accident to the Department's Fire Chief and/or Junior Advisor or to another fire department officer in the absence of the aforementioned command officers.
3. No physical violence or destruction of property will be tolerated.
4. Junior Firefighters are encouraged to become familiar with all equipment on the department's fire and rescue apparatus. They must, however, have prior permission form the Department's Fire Chief or Junior Advisor before any equipment is removed from any apparatus.
5. No Junior Firefighter shall have any type of emergency warning lights mounted or portable in their personal vehicle(s).
6. No Junior Firefighter shall operate any vehicle with any emergency equipment activated including vehicle hazard flashers.
7. No Junior Firefighter shall be allowed to drive or operate any fire department vehicle or apparatus.
8. No Junior Firefighter shall be allowed to drive to any fire or emergency scene. Members shall respond at a routine traffic pattern to the fire station.
9. No Junior Firefighter is permitted to have guests in or at the fire station without permission from the Fire Chief or Junior Advisor except for an official fire department function.
10. No Junior Firefighter will question the authority of a senior officer or advisor unless it conflicts with the Jones County Fire Department or respective fire department's bylaws and guidelines.
11. No Junior Firefighter shall have a voice or vote in matters concerning the business of the fire department nor in its elections.

1. All equipment issued to the Junior Firefighter shall be issued by the Fire Chief or a designated Chief Officer.
2. Each Junior Firefighter will be issued approved firefighting turnout gear and/or fire department coveralls as decided upon by the department's Fire Chief. The gear will consist of some or all of the following: pant, jacket, helmet with face shield or goggles, nomex or carbon hood, firefighting gloves and firefighter boots. The helmet will be marked as "Junior Firefighter" and easily identified.
3. If available, a pager will be issued to the Junior Firefighter to alert the member of incidents and important messages.
4. Junior Firefighters will be issued an accountability tag that is clearly marked "Junior Firefighter".
5. While unsupervised, no Junior Firefighter will possess keys to the fire department under any circumstances.

1. Junior Firefighters shall report to all meetings, drills and work details on time as long as they do not interfere with school-work or activities.
2. Junior Firefighters shall help maintain and keep the fire department and equipment clean at all times.
3. Junior Firefighters shall assist the firefighters during clean-up phases at the fire and emergency scenes as needed.
4. All Junior Firefighters must remain a safe distance away from the fire as established by the Incident Commander, Incident Safety Officer or Fire Chief and shall never enter a burning structure.
5. Junior Firefighters may use hand tools and Indian backpacks for hot spots after a fire is under control, but only ath the direction of the Incident Commander, Fire Chief or junior Advisor. This only applies to grass and woods fire type fires and incidents.
6. Junior Firefighters must obtain permission and notify the officer-in-charge prior to leaving any fire department function.

1. Junior Firefighters are to follow all orders as directed by personnel on the scene over the age of twenty-one (21) and whom possess the Mississippi Volunteer Firefighter Level 1 Certification.
2. All Junior Firefighters will stop any activities when requested by any firefighter when safety is a concern.
3. Junior Firefighters will ride apparatus in an enclosed cab, in a seated and belted position, and only when authorized by an Advisor, Chief Officer or Fire Chief.
4. Junior Firefighters are to give up their seat on any piece of apparatus for any firefighter, unless advised otherwise by a Chief Officer.
5. Junior Firefighters shall wear protective gear while participating in a function which requires the use of equipment.
6. No Junior Firefighter shall be allowed to operate any power saw, cutting tools or the SCBA bottle filling stations.
7. Junior Firefighters shall remain with the apparatus they arrived on for all Motor Vehicle Incidents. At no time shall they come into contact with victims, extrication, hazardous materials or spreading absorbent or be permitted to direct traffic at any time.

1. Junior Firefighters, while in training, may be allowed to use extension ladders, high pressure hoses and self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and other firefighting equipment. Above said equipment shall only be used under the direct supervision of the Advisor, Fire Chief or Chief Officer.
2. No Junior Firefighter shall be allowed to drive any fire department apparatus to any firefighter class or training or during any class or training.
3. Junior Firefighters should become knowledgeable with the changing of SCBA bottles, rolling fire hose, storing equipment and cleaning equipment used in the fire service.

1. The Fire Chief may suspend and/or dismiss any Junior Firefighter for conduct that is deemed detrimental to the fire department's policies, goals and/or procedures.
2. Upon suspension or dismissal, all fire department equipment that was issued to the Junior Firefighter must be returned immediately to the Advisor, Fire Chief or a Chief Officer or in the absence thereof to the fire department's President.